Peer Review Process

Peer review. The submitted paper to IJMA will be assessed by the reviewer selected by Editorial Board. Paper that submited to IJMA, will be  reviewed by the Editor in Chief. The review process include feasibility of the language and scope and theme of article. After that, the article was review for contents and formating by 2 reviewers. The criteria for assements are originality, significance and formatting. The Editorial Board has decided for article to accept, revised or rejected. If article was accepted, Author must revised article in 2 weeks for reviewer sugesstion. 

Reviewer’s decision. The reviewers will provide the following recommendations:

  1. Accepted; means that the manuscript is acceptable for publication
  2. Accepted with minor revisions; means that the manuscript is acceptable for publication once it is revised in response to the reviewers’ concerns
  3. Accepted with major revisions; means that substantive inadequacies in the manuscript, such as data analysis, the main theory used, and rewriting of paragraphs, need to be revised
  4. Rejected; means that the manuscript is not acceptable for publication or the given reviews relate to very basic issues

The reviewer’s decision will be considered by the Board of Editors to determine the ensuing process of the manuscript.