Focus and Scope

Indonesian Journal Mathla’ul Anwar of Halal Issues (IJMA) accepts articles Indonesia language and English. IJMA has focus publish several topics of halal studies such as:

  1. Halal Food;
  2. Halal Agriculture;
  3. Halal Raw Materials;
  4. Halal Process and Processing;
  5. Halal Management;
  6. Halal Law;
  7. Halal Economic Studies;
  8. Halal Products;
  9. Halal Tourism;
  10. Halal Logistics;
  11. Halal Slaughtering;
  12. Halal Medicine;
  13. Sharia Hotel;
  14. Sharia Banking;
  15. Pharmacy, Biology, Medicine, and Pharmacognosy; 
  16. Cosmetics

Articles submitted to IJMA must be free from plagiarism.This is stated by a statement and proof of search using a plagiarism search engine such as turnitin or plagiarism checker. Similarities are allowed with a maximum limitation of 30%